Save the date. June 15th 2016.  Open Day Shenkar Game Design

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Registration for High School students Summer Classes is now Open!

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Israel Unity Developers June 15th'2016 MeetUp

Shenkar game center hosts the annual unity developers meet up, organized by Oded Sharon and Oren Oren De-Panther Weizman.If you're interested in learning more about Unity development, this is most certainly the meetup for you.


19:00 - Gathering

19:30 - Noam Gat (Tacticsoft) - How we put 5,000 bases on a planet and lived to tell about it 

20:15 - PIZZA break! - Thanks to Jelly Button Games

20:45 - Omri Berg ( - Developing for VR

21:30 - Go home, or drinking/eating somewhere else 

Israeli Unity Developers on facebook:


MIT – Shenkar Purposeful Games Summer School 2015

The MIT Game Lab and Shenkar – Engineering .Art. Design have partnered up this summer to run a purposeful game development summer workshop that was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from June 22nd until July 31s. The workshop was open to all Shenkar students, including external studies interested in making games.   


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