game play

Get involved  come and help us make our new games.

We want to make sure that our games are good fun, creative and interesting and we need you to help us improve our games before they go online. We would also really like that in the meantime you will have fun playing with our games and learn a bit about game design process. Hey, maybe our next game will be developed by you.

Those who come to Play – testing sessions will get a form to fill while playing, answer some questions and enjoy the company of “behind the scene”. Some sessions will be videotaped depending on your permission of course.

And one more thing – Not only you get to make an influence and get to play with the unfinished game (you will be a beta player) ; you will get the finished one for free as it will be on air.

Get in touch with us via – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   |  +972 (03) 6019326
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