Dr. Vered Pnueli 

Head of the game design program, Senior lecturer
Courses: Design, philosophy and culture of games, Big Games, Game Design: narrative and concept, Gamification and design thinking.
Vered Pnueli is a researcher, a writer and a lecturer on the subjects of media, design and digital games culture. Her academic interests in the digital media space are backed up with extensive industry experience in designing and developing media products for academic and business purposes.  Vered is the founder and head of the ‘Game design and development program’ and of the’ Digital books and magazines program’ at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She served as head of Business Development and a founding director at the Management Committee at Shenkar center for innovation and development of games – PlayLab

Vered holds a PhD degree in Media Studies from Brunel University of West London , a Master’s degree in Design Management from UCA UK and a BFA from Tel Aviv University

Shiri Blumenthal

Courses: 3d Animation, Characters building, Animation

Ann Almog

Courses: Game Production 01

Daniel Marmari

Courses:  Visual concept development and Art for games, Studio courses

Yuval Markovitch

Courses: Advanced Unity 3d

Noam Abta

Courses: Game Design 01; Game Design 02

Shalev Moran

Courses: Games narrative and history

Shalev is the Games Program Director for Print Screen Festival in Holon and for Steamer Salon Festival in Tel Aviv, and a frequent collaborator with other events such as Utopia Festival, A MAZE./ Berlin, and Screenshake Festival. He is currently developing his 6th games exhibition as a curator. Worked as a Game Designer for Plarium Global, overseeing narrative and content design for a new F2P game. He holds a BA from TAU's Honors Program in the Humanities and Arts

Eran Orlev

Courses: Game Production 02. Product management in the games industry

Eran Zehavi

Courses: Games Junkies, the psychology behind addictive game design.

Ilan Shifter

Courses: Arduino based games

Guest Lecturer: Professor Scot Osterweil

Course: Computer Games and Simulations for Education and Exploration

Scot Osterweil - Guest lecturer

is Creative Director of the Education Arcade. He has designed award-winning games in both academic and commercial environments, focusing on what is authentically playful in challenging academic subjects. Designs include the acclaimed Zoombinis series (math and logic), Vanished: The MIT/Smithsonian Curated Game (environmental science), Labyrinth (math), Kids Survey Network (data and statistics), Caduceus (medicine), and iCue (history). He is a founder and Creative Director of Learning Games Network, where he leads the Gates Foundation’s Language Learning Initiative (ESL), and where he designed Quandary, named Game of the Year at the 2013 Games 4 Change festival


Mr. Oded Chai

Head of External and Further Studies at Shenkar

Dr. Vered Pnueli

Head of the Game Design Program

Mrs. Aviva Shabi

Digital Media Coordinator