Are you creative and passionate about gaming?  Is it your dream to make a career in the digital games industry? 

At Shenkar game center we teach how to make games, we research games and we believe games are leading art and entertainment form.  In a one intense year of comprehensive studies our students gain the knowledge and expertise needed to create a career in the digital games industry.  Whether you want to set up your own game development studio or either are looking for employment in a major game company, our choice of courses will help you build the skills to fulfil your goals and enter the exciting industry of digital games. 

The Digital Games Market

The multi-billion dollar industry of digital games is one of the fastest growing markets in the technology and media sectors. Although prosperous from its burgeoning in the 1970s', recent years have witnessed an increasing rise in the business of digital games with the emergence of new technologies that have managed to appeal to new audiences and expand gaming demographics. Games are here for everyone! Our goal at shenkar game center is to graduate the next generation of game developers and help them create innovative and outstanding playable experiences.

Who should apply?

The course is intended for people with an academic degree or either experience in one of these areas:  arts and design, programming and engineering, psychology, communication, media and education. The diversity of our students' backgrounds reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the medium and its relevance to various subject areas. But most importantly you need to LOVE gaming and have a craving for designing games.

Career Opportunities

We anticipate that our graduates will work in the game industry in the following rolls:

·         Game artists

·         Animators

·         Game and Level Designers

·         Producers

·         Programmers

·         Writers

We also work hard to help you get your first career moves in the industry. Here are some of the things we do to help you follow your dream:

         Internships - We have an extensive internship program with big game companies including : Tabtale, Funtactix, 888, and Plarium

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        Workshops and events –Students can attend workshops on entrepreneurship and business management that help them pave their way in the game industry. We also offer financial support and equipment for students whose works got accepted to festivals and exhibitions.  

        Networking – The Shenkar game center is a hub for the game industry in Israel. We have multiple industry speakers and guest critics in our classes. There are many opportunities for students to network with game industry professionals. Game companies often email us with exclusive job offers and many of our students have received their first job in the games industry in this way.